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Financed Cubicles

You can finance 100% of your project including equipment, delivery, installation and tax. For every $25,000 you purchase, you can chose to pay as little as $500 per month, and own the equipment at the end of 60 months.
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Proctor & Gamble Installation

Watch a brief testimonial from one of our large customers

"...After a comparison of quality, price, and delivery of the type of furniture we wanted that met our standards, won out."
— Ken Marsh, Procter & Gamble
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Cubicles 101

Learn more about cubicle accessories and parts with our interactive cubicle diagram. There's more to an office cubicle workstation than you might think.
View Cubicles 101 » was created to make buying office cubicles a quick and efficient process that won’t break the bank.

Every small, mid-sized, and large company needs office cubicles, from Call Center Cubes to Managerial Workstations. But how do you know what color, size, and shape to go with? Do you need electric or other cubicle accessories? How many cubicles can fit in your space? These are questions that must be answered with any cubicle deployment.

Our experts at FastCubes have over 30 years of experience in office furniture, space planning, and construction, so we take our customers through buying cubicles from beginning to end. Our “Cubicles 101” approach defines the different cubicle configurations, and helps you understand exactly what you need. We’ll even look at your office layout to determine the right cubicles for your space, employee tasks, and budget.

We invite you to browse our cubicle showcase gallery, which features our recent deployments, and read testimonials to hear what other companies have said about our products and customer service.
We appreciate you considering as your office cube solution. Please contact us at if we can be of any service, or if you have questions about your task. Good luck!