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Cubicle Buyers Guide

A guide to buying cubicles and office space planning.

Fastcubes Cubicle Buyers Guide Download

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Buyer Resources

Fastcubes’ buyers resource center provides you with information around buying cubicles that will help you understand cubicle options, used vs. new cubicles, office space planning, your  cubicle financing options, and more.

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If you would like assistance to optimizing office layout or in choosing the office cubicles for your office space; our cubicle expert design team can create a free cubicle floor plan for you.

Cubicle Buyers Guide Download

Read about all aspects of the cubicle and office space planning in our cubicle buyers guide. Fastcubes covers everything from office furniture to choosing the right cubicle for your office.

Cubicle Options

There are many cubicle options when considering office furniture systems. FastCubes Cubicles 101 makes it easy for you! We’ve outlined the cubicle accessories and add-ons you can choose from when buying cubicles.
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Installation Guide

FastCubes offers national installation services. Cubicle Installation is not included in the cost of cubicles but you can request an installation quote or opt for installation services during checkout of your order.
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New vs. Used Cubicles

When it comes time to buy cubicles, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the more popular debates is whether to buy new cubicles or buy used cubicles. When asked why he chose new cubicles, Ken Marsh from Procter & Gamble explained, “We thought about the future when we picked [cubicles] out…
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Project Gallery

Serious planning is involved when installing office furniture. From cubicle wiring to efficient office floor plans to proper cubicle transportation, there are a lot of factors to consider. Let FastCubes and our expert team of office furniture installers make sure everything goes perfectly. All videos and pictures below feature Fastcubes cubicles for sale.
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