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  • Additional Configurations, Fabric & Work Surfaces
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  • Glass & Fabric Stackers
  • Free Shipping & Floor Plan Drawings
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Custom Solutions

We Offer Additional Sizes & Configurations, Glass Stackers as well as Free Shipping & Floor Plans.

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Cubicle Buyers Guide

A guide to buying cubicles and office space planning.

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Free Office Space Planning Services

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About Fastcubes

Fastcubes was founded by a group of industry veterans that are committed to providing affordable, top quality office cubicles, commercial office furniture, and office task chairs to businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts here at Fastcubes has over 30 years of experience in office cubicles, cubicle sales and office space planning.

We have a team of space planning designers that will work with you to provide free floor plans and space planning designs for offices of all sizes. Whether updating old work areas or planning for new work spaces, our clients have learned that what separates great vendors from mediocre ones with the exceptional customer service, affordable costs, and quality products we provide.

Offering Only Exceptional Products and Services from Fastcubes

  • Full Service Office Planning for Free: Our skilled office planning designers and team will help you with it all. Let us know what you need and our Fastcubes team will be able maximize your office space, design your environment, assist in administering project management of your office addition or expansion and more. We help take your project from concept to completion!
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  • Convenient Online Shopping: Our online store allows you to shop and buy cubicles, office furniture, and office chairs at your own convenience. There are many options to choose from and you can customize your own office solution when buying cubicles to suit the needs of your employees and office.
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  • Quality Products Only at Affordable Pricing: We work with many manufactures and vendors to provide a quality product line with a variety of options that delivers cost-effective cubicles and office furniture.
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Get to Know Some of the Fastcubes Team!

John Franklin, Manager, Fastcubes Cubicles & Office Furniture

John Franklin: Manager, Sales & Office | Case Goods Expert

John has been in sales and marketing for over 35 years and has owned and operated various companies.  He joined the Fastcubes team 5 years ago and has been a vital part of its growth and development.  His creative and enthusiastic approach and his experience in business have taught him the value in cultivating his relationships with customers and a vast network of associates.  Having such a vast network of associates allows him to provide just about any product that our Fastcubes customers are seeking.  He can help you with every aspect of your office needs.

Warehouse Manager & Customer Service Specialist, Fastcubes Cubicles & Office Furniture

Taras Hawryluk: Operations Manager & Installation Coordinator

Taras is meticulous when it comes to detail. For an operations manager this has been critical in the success of our company.  He has been with us coming on 4 years now and has been the primary reason that supports the phrase "Service is our #1 priority". Take a moment to read the customer reviews of his efforts.

Fastcubes Staff Accountant & Office Problem Solver, Fastcubes Cubicles & Office Furniture

Johnna Cipperly: Staff Accountant | Office Problem Solver

Johnna has been in the business of Finance for over 10 years.  Her expertise, paired with her amazing customer service has helped maintain customer satisfaction.   Her attention to detail will help make your transition from initial inquiry to delivery smooth and seamless.