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Custom Solutions

  • Additional Configurations, Fabric & Work Surfaces
  • Large Quantity Discounts
  • Glass & Fabric Stackers
  • Free Shipping & Floor Plan Drawings
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Free National Shipping

Free Shipping for Online Purchases

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Excluding Hawaii & Alaska

Fastcubes Handles National Installations

Installation Services

National Installation through Our Network

Custom Solutions

We Offer Additional Sizes & Configurations, Glass Stackers as well as Free Shipping & Floor Plans.

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Cubicle Buyers Guide

A guide to buying cubicles and office space planning.

Fastcubes Cubicle Buyers Guide Download

Free Office Space Planning Services

Let FastCubes Get Your Office Setup Correctly & Fast

Need a Quote Fast? Don’t know where to start? With just a few details Fastcubes can provide you with:

  • Floor Plan Designs
  • Buyers Resource Guide
  • Access to Our Cubicle Designers
  • Unlimited Support
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Financed Cubicles

For Qualified Buyers:

  • A Simple One-Page Application with credit decisions generally in less than 24 hours
  • No Financials For Purchases up to $150,000, and terms from 12 to 72 months
  • Incredible Tax Benefits – In many cases, up to $500,000 is a 100% tax deduction
  • No Large Upfront Deposit or Out of Pocket Cost
  • New Business Program up to $50,000 for companies less than 2 years in business

Cubicle Financing Documentation

What Are You Able to Lease/Finance?

The Entire Project – including software, accessories, installation, training, tax and other soft costs.

How Much Can I Afford?

For every $25,000 you purchase, you can chose to pay as little as $500 per month, and own the equipment at the end of 60 months.

Why Consider A Finance Option?

Because the value of the equipment you need comes from its use, not its ownership, plus it is quick, easy, and affordable.

Who Finances Commercial Equipment?

More than eighty percent of U.S. companies finance some, if not all, of their equipment and technology purchases.

What Can I Finance?

You can finance 100% of the project including equipment, delivery, installation and tax. You can also bundle additional equipment needs such as furniture, software, security, HVAC, telecommunications, LED lighting and audio/visual.

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