Cubicle Dictionary Blog Series: Binder Bin

We at FastCubes understand that sometimes purchasing cubicles can be confusing. Just like with other industries, there are terms and lingos that people use that may not be understood by the general public.

This is the first installment of our Cubicle Dictionary Blog series during which we will break down and explain various cube terminologies.

If you’re a cube expert, and have any information you would like to add, please comment below!

Today’s Cube Term: Binder Bin with Lock

A binder bin is a box-like shelf with a door that hangs at the top of a cubicle wall. The binder bin has a horizontal hinge that helps you open the box towards you. Typically people will store big items like large 2” binders, thick user manuals, product samples, or even back-up office supplies in these bins.

The binder bin also has a lock in case important items or personal belongings are stored. This feature does not come standard on most cubicle configurations, but is a very popular and useful accessory that man of our customers purchase for their employees.

You can see an example of a binder bin with lock on our 4′x2′x67″H cubicle model.

Stay tuned for more cubicle terminology soon!

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