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There are many cubicle options when looking to buy office cubicles or office furniture. Below we outline the different cubicle options from fabric, work surfaces, trim, electric, cubicle storage, lateral files, cubicle shelves, task lighting, cubicle extenders, and more. We will walk you through the different options for your office cubicles. You can make many different selections for the different employees and their needs. This allows you to create a custom solution for your office and employees that will help promote productivity.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of selecting office cubicles and cubicle options or still not sure which cubicle is the best solution?

No problem! Our cubicle experts can assist in optimizing your space layout or in choosing the best cubicle option for your office space. Our cubicle expert design team can create a free cubicle floor plan for your location.

Cubicle Diagram Left side Cubicle Diagram Right Side

Fabrics / Work Surfaces / Trim:

Cubicle Swatches

Fabric Options

If you would like to customize cubicles with multiple fabric swatches, please contact us. Fabric Offerings


Work Surface Options

The "desk" portion of the cubicle that provides a sturdy working area for an employee.

In order as seen above:
Maple, Gray, White, Pepperdust, Cherry

Cubicle Trim Color Medium Tone

Trim Color

We offer three different trim colors to best facilitate the creation of an ideal office workspace. Our three tones are Medium, Dark Umber, and Light Gray. Please note that Light Gray is not available for cubicles 47” tall.

Request Fabric, Work Surface & Trim Samples

Let us know if you are interested in receiving samples of our fabrics, work surface and trim options.
Request Samples


No Electrical Feed

No Feed

With 'No Feed, outlets and wiring will not be provided but kick plates and metal bases will be used to cover the cubicle base.

Cubicle Electric - Base Feed

Base Feed

Electric hook up to a wall or floor outlet. Wires are run behind kick plates and metal bases providing electrical outlets.


Power Pole / Ceiling Feed

Pole that carries electric to the cubes from above.

Storage (Drawers):

File/File storage

File / File (FF)

This option provides more storage space for documents and folders. A lock on the top file keeps confidential documents secure.

box/box/File storage

Box / Box / File (BBF)

One of the most common drawer/storage pedestals used in office cubicles today. These pedestals come with a lock above the top drawer.

2-Drawer Lateral Storage

2 Drawer Lateral File

A larger lockable version of the file file pedestal and is mainly used for mass document storage and other larger office supplies.


Half-Height Shelf

Half-Height Shelf

Used on cubicle walls of 47"+, these are lower height in terms of where on the cubicle they are located and lower height shelf walls.

Full-Height Shelf

Full-Height Shelf

Shelf with higher ends than half height; found in cubicles with taller side panels. Ideal for storage of folders, binders, or papers.

Binder Bin with Lock

Binder Bin w/Lock

Shelf with an overhead locking door. The door is on a horizontal hinge and opens upward. Ideal for large item storage.

Task Light (mounted under shelf)

Task Light

Fluorescent lamps which can be attached under binder bins, full-height and half-height shelves. Provide extra light for dimly lit areas.

Added Cubicle Options:



A board that you can "tack things onto" — papers, calendars, pictures. (NOTE: Matches your fabric selection when purchasing online)


Keyboard Tray

Pulls out from the under worksurface area. Commonly used in cubicles with limited surface space but can be used in all cubicle sizes.

Center Drawer

Pencil Drawer / Center Drawer

Small sliding drawer located at the center of a worksurface, generally used for storage of small items such as pencils and other office supplies.


Glass Stacker

Glass Stackers

Small glass panel that sits on top of a fabric covered panel. Provides additional lighting and visibility in cubicles.

Fabric Stacker

Fabric Stackers

Fabric panels that sit on top of other fabric covered panels, designed to increase the height of the cubicle walls for privacy.


Kick Plates

The cover on the bottom of the panel. Designed to keep the panels from acquiring dirt and also keeps the cubicle more sturdy.


Support to keep the work surfaces in place and to stay attached. These are located just under the worksurface and are attached to panels.


Metal connecting pieces located between fabric panels. For aesthetic use as well as making cubicles more sturdy.


Finished Ends

Metal end covering for aesthetic purposes. Also keeps cubicles more sturdy. Located at the ends of fabric panels toward the outside of the cube.