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New vs. Used Cubicles

When it comes time to buy cubicles, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the more popular debates is whether to buy new cubicles or buy used cubicles. When asked why he chose new cubicles, Ken Marsh from Procter & Gamble explained:

“We thought about the future when we picked [cubicles] out. We wanted new to insure that we could get parts for them. We will expand in the future, and we’re ready for that in the way we laid the rooms out. It is important that everything matches when we connect more cubes and keep growing.”

Reasons Why Buying New Cubicles Will Benefit Your Company Over Buying Used Cubicles:

Cubicle Dimensions & Cubicle Parts

When buying used cubicles, there is a lot to take into account, and it is very easy to overlook missing cubicle parts. What looks good in the seller’s office may not work in yours. Maybe the seller’s office has extra walls or fewer aisles. You may also find yourself missing workstation parts when the cubicles are assembled in your office. Buying new cubicles avoids this problem, and you are able to pick and choose the cubicle accessories, office seating, and cubicle colors you need for your office setting. If you are unsure of what to purchase, FastCubes provides an office floor plan at no extra cost.

Cubicle Color Scheme

Your cubicles should look like they belong in the office. When you buy used cubicles, you are subject to the color availability of the seller, and they often only have one or two cubicle color options. Choosing the wrong cubicle colors could lead to visually unappealing office furniture, which may have a negative impact on employees. If unsure of how a given cubicle fabric color or finish will look in real life settings, ask FastCubes for fabric sheets at no extra cost.

Office Safety

Caveat emptor, or “let the buyer beware,” has more meaning tied to it than ever when considering purchasing used office furniture. Pieces that are falling off, cracks and damages in cubicle workstations, and faulty electric distribution are just a few of the potential issues when buying used cubicles. When purchasing new cubicles, sellers are often willing to do the workstation installation and provide all necessary cubicle parts—you’ll know the cubicle you ordered is the one you are getting, and it is being installed properly.

Cubicle Accessories and Add-Ons

Office Expansions and upgrades occur more often than most people realize. Your office size and employee numbers can grow which in turn requires more cubicles. Buying used cubicles poses another problem here because they will not be able to provide you more of the office furniture you previously ordered. By buying new cubicles, however, you can rest assured you will always be able to make workstation additions to your office without having to mix and match cubicles and colors.

Get What You Want

Often people tasked to buy cubicles will have a target size, amount, and budget and find their choices extremely limited when it comes to used cubicles. They only have a very limited inventory and sometimes cannot provide the number or size of cubicles you need. By buying new cubicles, you will almost never run into this problem either at the initial buying stage, or down the road when you may want to expand or relocate.

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